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Here at Top People USA, we specialize in IT recruitment within the Nashville area. Over the recent years, Nashville has been named one of the most promising places to live. Not only is it known as the Music City, but it has also become an attractive city for start-up organizations. With all the start-ups, many new and seasoned business owners have been looking for ways to further expand their companies, and investing in the IT workforce is their number one priority. Having professional experience in IT prior to becoming Nashville based headhunters makes us especially well equipped to find you the best IT candidates.

The IT industry has a major impact on the entire global economy. According to CompTIA, one of IT’s top trade associations, the industry plays a key role in assisting other sectors in operating more efficiently and improving productivity. So, when it comes to staffing the backbone of nearly every organization, you want to make sure that you are placing your trust in reliable hands.

Our level of expertise begins at the very top of our organization. Our CEO Brandon Sentell has more than a decade of experience in networking, project management, software development, and much more. With his skillset, he was able to form an IT recruitment agency that is equipped with a wealth of knowledge in the IT industry. You can have the opportunity to work directly with a former IT expert based right here in Nashville to help you acquire top IT recruits for your company.



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