Info: LIVE & ONLINE LESSONS During COVID-19 Re-opening

5/20/20 UPDATE:

Summer Lessons:  Live lessons to return June 1. Online lessons will continue for those who wish to remain online.

Beginning June 1st, JWSM will comply with guidelines articulated in the Tennessee Pledge, and those guidelines will be posted online and emailed to you prior to June 1.  See our safe return guidelines below.*

Please be aware each teacher will make independently their own decision, based on their personal situations, as to when they will be comfortable to begin teaching 1-1 again.  Please talk to your teacher.  



It is the personal responsibility of each family/student/teacher to practice hand-washing and safe distancing lifestyles in order to lessen the risk of spreading Covid-19.  It is our desire to provide a non-threatening environment for our teachers and students.  If you feel you cannot comply you may continue with online lessons. 


  • Teachers and Students ONLY in the building.  There will be no “public” waiting in the school.  Use of school rooms and restrooms will be restricted to teachers and students only. Our building capacity will be limited to less than 10 teachers/students/admin.
  • Teachers will have a non-contact forehead temperature taken each day upon arrival.  
  • Students will enter the building at exact lesson time. No sooner. Family members will have to wait in their car or return when student lesson is over. Only parents of small children taking Suzuki lessons can accompany their children into the building for lessons.
  • Students will have a non-contact forehead temperature taken.  Any fevers if 100.4 or over will be immediately dismissed.
  • Students will wash hands with soap and water upon arrival.
  • Careful distancing within classrooms will be followed. 
  • Any shared demonstration on a piano keyboard or other instrument will be immediately wiped with disinfectant.
  • Restrooms used by students and teachers will be disinfected regularly.
  • Masks will be at the discretion of both teacher and student. 


  • Please be prompt for pickup of your student. Any post lesson discussions that were normally communicated to you in person will be texted to you at the end of the lesson.  
  • Please find an alternate restroom in Brentwood, should you need one.  
  • It is very important if you discover that someone you or a family member have been in contact with has been diagnosed with Covid-19, do not send them to lessons and inform your teacher  immediately.

Thank you for your compliance to these guidelines.


Dear JWSM Family:

As you are probably are aware, The Williamson County School system is keeping students out of school at least through April 3rd, with a currently scheduled return on Monday, April 6th.  LATEST UPDATE 3/24/20:  Williamson County Schools will remained closed through April 24th.

We’ve taken a little longer to respond to COVID-19 than many other businesses as we didn’t want to leap to quick conclusions or make poor decisions, and want to make sure that our policies are in full compliance with any federal or state guidelines; which, as you know, have been coming out at a rapid pace every day this week.

As we have all recently learned, one person can be a carrier of the virus before symptoms have presented, and social distancing is the primary way that our society is coping. We have teachers that live with elderly parents and grandparents, spouses with compromised immune systems, or have personal health issues of their own that make them vulnerable. It is our sincere desire that we have policies in place that protect our families and teachers and conform to wise and prudent behavior.

Thus, after much thought and discussion with our wonderful teachers, Dan and I have suggested that all current ongoing private lessons be conducted online until Williamson County Schools bring their students back to school.

Although the benefits of personal private music lessons are self-evident, we are confident that our teachers are more than capable of providing online lessons of the highest caliber.

Our teachers are very tech-savvy, and most are already currently conducting private lessons online for various reasons.

Your teachers, if they have not already done so, will be contacting you prior to your scheduled lesson(s) next week. Please set aside time to speak with your teacher and discuss the platform (Skype, Facetime, Zoom, etc.) and approach that will be used. Although it is up to you and your teacher, we suggest that a tablet or computer be used on your end for lessons as the larger screen makes for a better online experience. But, if a smartphone is the only equipment you have available, it is adequate for experiencing a high-quality, online music lesson. The use of headphones is also highly suggested and will reduce any latency issues there might be in hearing the teacher, should they be playing/singing with the student at the same time.

Your lessons will begin again next week, the week of Monday, March 23rd and take place at their regularly scheduled time. Keeping lessons scheduled in their normal time slot will allow teachers and students to pick up right where they left off when we resume lessons at JWSM. 


Please make arrangements to make your tuition payments in April via one of the following methods:

*          Mail checks directly to JWSM at 500 Wilson Pike Circle #104, Brentwood, TN 37027

*          Pay online with a credit card at:

*          Set up Bill Pay through your online banking.  They will send us a check and the service is free. Remember to set your payment date before the 5th of the month when using bill pay, as it takes another 5-7 days for the check to get to us.


As I mentioned above, once Williamson County brings their students back in, we will do the same – hopefully, sooner rather than later.

Please keep an eye on the red banner at the top of our website’s homepage ( for news and updates.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.


Kristi Cleary, Director



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